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Manos Al Aire

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lyrics to Manos Al Aire / Nelly Furtado

T??, que pierdes el control
Hablando en alta voz
Hieres mi coraz??n
Yo, tratando de escuchar
No me puedo explicar
Qu?(C) extra??a sensaci??n.

T?? no me quieres entender
Y me mandas a callar dici?(C)ndome
No me debo sorprender
Porque as?- es la realidad
De nuestro amor

Y yo
No tengo armas para enfrentarte
Pongo mis manos, manos al aire
S??lo me importa amarte
En cuerpo y alma como era ayer

T?? que perdiste el control
Te dejaste llevar
Por la inseguridad
Yo que te he visto crecer
Me puedo imaginar
Que todo cambiar??

Hoy aunque todo siga igual
Y me mandes a callar dici?(C)ndome
Que tienes que dominar
O ser?? el final
Y yo no puedo as?-

Y yo
No tengo armas para enfrentarte
Pongo mis manos, manos al aire
S??lo me importa amarte
En cuerpo y alma como era ayer

Send "Manos Al Aire" Ringtone to your Cell

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Nelly Furtado Manos Al Aire lyrics

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-<b>Mi Plan</b> was Furtado's first release since her marriage to Cuban sound engineer Demacio "Demo" Castellón in 2008. So it's not surprising that this song and the other tracks are all about one subject-love. Furtado told MTV News that writing in Spanish was liberating. She explained: "The songs are all about <i>amor</i>. They are all about love, and it's my first album with more love songs. They're really like songs that everybody can relate to about love and life and everyday living, just the things you go through. So basically, I found that once I started writing songs in Spanish, I had a new voice."
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