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lyrics to Rockstar / Prima J

Right about now

[Verse One:]
Tell me what you think you looking at
So I think I'm Queen Elizabeth
And now I'm stuck inside your memory
That's why it's so hard to get rid of me

I am incredible, so unforgettable
So no one can take my place
I am unbreakable, highly flammable
So, girl, get outta my face
Oh, we got 'em going crazy
Maybe 'cause we're so amazing
Everybody in a daze
And that's the reason why they're hating
Treat us like some superstars
And only cause that's what we are
You know we going really far,
And you all ain't even heard it all

You hate 'cause I'm a rockstar, a rockstar
A pretty little problem, uh huh
You hate 'cause I'm a rockstar, a rockstar
A pretty little problem, uh huh
You hate me 'cause I'm everything that you ever wanted to be
And I don't mind 'cause I love it when you're looking at me
'cause I'm a rockstar, a rockstar
I said that I'm a rockstar, a rockstar
Keep looking at me

[Verse Two:]
It seems to me like I was bothering
'cause I make walking look like modelling
It ain't my fault the boys keep following
If you were better, he wouldn't be wandering



[High bridge:]
We're PRIMA J, you know it
We're not afraid to show it
We hold the crown and that's why they can't stop us now
The ground we're on is golden
They can't fix what's not broken
Don't act like you all don't know what's bout to happen now

[Chorus x2]

Why don't you take a picture
It lasts longer

Send "Rockstar" Ringtone to your Cell

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Prima J Rockstar lyrics

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