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lyrics to Again / Natasha Bedingfield

[Verse 1:]
Hands over my head, thinking "What else could go wrong?"
Would've stayed in bed, how can the day be so long?

Never believed that things happen for a reason
But how this turned out, removed all my doubts,

So believe, that for you I'd do it all over again
Do it all over again
All I went through, led me to you
So do it all over again, for you

[Verse 2:]
I missed the first train, stood out in the rain, all day
But little did I know, when I caught the next train
There you were to sweep me away
Guess that's what I waited for



Oh, who ever thought a day gone so wrong
Would turn out so lovely?
I'm so glad I found you
Even though the day went so wrong
I wouldn't change a thing

Oh I'd do it, I'd do it all over again
Do it all over again
All I went through, led me to you
So do it all over again (I'd do it all over again)
I'd do it all over, I'd do it all over
I'd do it all over, for you, for you
All I went through, led me to you
So do it all over again

Who ever thought a day gone so wrong
Would turn out so lovely?
Who ever thought a day gone so wrong
Could turn out so lovely?

Send "Again" Ringtone to your Cell

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Natasha Bedingfield Again lyrics

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-This is one of 7 songs on the album, which also featured on <b>N.B.</b>, Bedingfield's European album, which was released in April 2007. <b>Pocketful of Sunshine</b> also contains 6 new tracks written specifically for it. Bedingfield explained to the Associated Press why she did the separate releases: "Because my album (<b>Unwritten</b>) was so global, when I went back to England and Europe, I had to reintroduce who I was. I had been in the States for about a year and a half, two years. I couldn't release the same album in the same country at the same time because it would be too much. I really wanted to base myself there and then come here and properly do it here."
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