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How Do You Do?

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lyrics to How Do You Do? / Natasha Bedingfield

Oh, oh, oh,
yeah, yeah, yeah

If it's weird for girls to give guys flowers,
Then maybe that's a reason to,
You're not climbing up my ivory tower,
So I'm comin' down for you,

Is it wrong to write our names in love hearts,
In the dust that's on the car you drive
Droppin' hints can only get you so far,
When you don't know that I'm alive

Is it wrong to be the instigator (is it wrong, is it wrong)?
Is it bad to be the move maker
Guess I gotta be the first to say, uh
to say, uh, to say, uh

How do you do?
If you won't say it, I will,
How do you do?
I'm really pleased to meet you,
How do you do?
Gotta say it how I feel it,
Say it or I will,

When you're hanging at the point of stalemate
It's not the time to bite your tongue
So at the risk of looking really stupid,
I'm gonna take the plunge

Is it wrong to be the instigator (No)
Is it bad to be the move maker
Guess I gotta be the first to say, uh
to say, uh, to say, uh


Say it or I will

It's not a good enough just to sit around drinking tea
Touching on whether exchanging pleasantries
I've been too reserved to circumspect
Sick of crossing wires,
Now I want to connect


Gotta say it how I feel it,
Say it or i will


Send "How Do You Do?" Ringtone to your Cell

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Natasha Bedingfield How Do You Do? lyrics

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