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Simple Little Melody

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lyrics to Simple Little Melody / Black Eyed Peas

1, 4, 1, 4, 1
3+1=4= B.E.P bitch

Love, love
It's a simple little melody
It's a simple little melody
To me
This is what it sounds like
La, lalalalalala, lala
Lalalalala, lala, lalalala

Baby, why can't it be simple?
Four letters don't gotta be stressful
Thought love was the reason we was here for
Turn around and ya' given me an earful,
That's a no-no, gotta go though
I meant that I actually got a so-so
Gotta mean that you gotta act loco
That's why you callin me up on ya' photo
Stop blowin me up on ya' phone yo
And yo' are stressing when I say yo'
I think you still owe me back on the low yo'
Ya' keep blowin me up, keep blowin me up
God damn it, and girl I really miss ya'
God damn it, and girl I wanna kiss ya'
God damn, why so many issues?
Ease up baby, ease up baby, cos'


Love ain't technological, like
Auto-bot, auto-bot
Love ain't robotic, like
Auto-bot, auto-bot
Love ain't complicated, like
Arithmetic, -rithmetic
Love is stimulating
Let me stimulate and tickle it
Love is elementary, like
1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3
Love is really simple, just like
A, b, c, a, b, c

Love ain't technological
Love ain't technological, technological
Love ain't robotic, like
Auto-bot, auto-bot
Love ain't robotic, like
Auto-bot, auto-bot
Love ain't complicated
Like arithmetic, -rithmetic
Love is stimulating
Let me stimulate and tickle it
Tickle it, tickle it, tickle it, tickle it

3+1=4= B.E.P bitch

Send "Simple Little Melody" Ringtone to your Cell

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Black Eyed Peas Simple Little Melody lyrics

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-They began as a hip-hop band that tried to keep their music fun, basing their sound on the records made before Gangsta Rap. They developed a loyal following, but didn't have big commercial success until they added Fergie and made their songs more radio-friendly.
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