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And I

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lyrics to And I / Ciara

[verse 1]
I dont need me a basketball player
All I need is somebody thats down for me
And he dont have to have money
His love is just like honey
Its so sweet to me
He can have everything in this world
But he'll sacrafice it all for me
And I made up my mind
Im in love this time
And it feels so real

And I
Know that he wont break my heart
And I
Know that we wont ever part
Its time, time for us to settle down
And I
Wanna be with him forever

[verse 2]
They can say that I am crazy
For makin him mah baby
But that's how it's gone be
See I done been through many changes
But this one I aint changing
It's gon' stay the same
I can have everything in this world
But I'll sacrafice it all for him
And I made up my mind
Im in love this time
And it feels so real


I love you
And all of the things that you do
Oh baby please
I need you (I need you)
So believe me (I do)
I do (oOoOOo)
Cause I love you (I love you)
And every lil thing baby (you do)
No no OoO whooOooa OooOo
They don't know how I feel
Cause I know this is real

[Chorus 2x]

Send "And I" Ringtone to your Cell

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Ciara And I lyrics

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