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Perfect Situation

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lyrics to Perfect Situation / Weezer

Perfect Situation

What's the deal with my brain?
Why am I so obviously insane?
In a perfect situation
I let love down the drain.
There's the pitch, slow and straight.
All I have to do is swing
and I'm the hero, but I'm the zero.
Hungry nights, once again
Now it's getting unbelievable.
'Cause I could not have it better,
But I just can't get no play
From the girls, all around
As they search the night for someone to hold onto.
I just pass through...
Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh oohh.
Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh oohh.
Get your hands off the girl,
Can't you see that she belongs to me?
And I don't appreciate this excess company.
Though I can't satisfy all the needs she has
And so she starts to wander...
Can you blame her?
Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh oohh.
Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh oohh.
Tell me there's a logic out there.
Leading me to better prepare
For the day that something really special might come.
Tell me there's some hope for me.
I don't wanna be lonely
For the rest of my days on the earth.
Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhhhhhhhhh.
Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhhhh oh. Ooohhh Oohh.

Send "Perfect Situation" Ringtone to your Cell

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Weezer Perfect Situation lyrics

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