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Redneck School Of Technology

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lyrics to Redneck School Of Technology / The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips
Redneck School Of Technology

I'm draggin' everybody down
But being healthy's just a big drag anyway
I'm startin' to reconsider things
I'm gonna live like a trucker without his uppers every day
Me and mom sit and talk all night about
Peace and love and politics
And the millionaires we'll be someday
My momma told me something once
She told me something, I forget what it was
Ronny Van Zandt's ghost lives inside of me
But he just sits there
I don't know what he does
I'm leaving everything behind
Except my mind and my valentine if I got time
Gonna go to some redneck town where
They hold class in the middle of the night
If my school had burned to the ground
I would've gotten smarter sooner
And you know that's right.

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The Flaming Lips Redneck School Of Technology lyrics

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