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So Far

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lyrics to So Far / Nivea

Whether we're on the phone listenin' to each other breath
Or cuddlein' at home its like you don't feel me
We built a world of dreams but now its fallen all apart
And though your here it seems, Your so far
Your so far
Your so far
Your so far

Although we stay in the same towns
Feels like your miles away
Though I saw you last night
Its like I haven't seen you for days
And everytime that we speak
Its like we don't have nothin to say
(damn, how do we love this way)
I'm runnin' out of words
I'm runnin' out of things to do
I'm tryna understand just why you actin brand new
Why your heart's hard
Why you won't let me through
And when I try to come close
(why won't you let me reach you)
(please leave a message after the tone)


Can you connect me again cause somehow I feel out of frame
And tell me what to wear 'cause everyday your seasons change
I don't know what it is
But I know that something is strange
(yeah, can I get the old you in exchange)
For the open and honest guy you used to be
Cause I don't know the one thats standing in front of me
Could you bring him back cause I never wanted to leave me
noononono oh

Somethin's still afraid
This incident


Your So Far
Your So Far
Your So Far
Your So Far

Send "So Far" Ringtone to your Cell

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Nivea So Far lyrics

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