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Nobody's Daughter

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lyrics to Nobody's Daughter / Hole

Made something better
He kept it for himself
I'm not that stupid
I just need a lot of help
To understand how stupid you really are

Down at the bottom
Of the ocean, I lay down
Nobody's coming
Just continue to drown
And no one here could ever stop my ruin now, now

And I know I've got a lot to fear
You'll get me out
Oh, God, just get me out of here
Are you astounding us, surrounding us

And asphyxiate all your pain away
Don't try to win it will only end in disgrace

Nobody's daughter
She never was, she never will
Be beholden
To anyone she cannot kill
You don't understand how damaged we really are
You don't understand how evil we really are

And I will dig my own grave, yeah
I'm misbegotten
I am the last one you save here
Of course I'll sleep forever and for ever

Anesthetize all your horrors away
We live inside this black web you have spun
Greed and your bile is miles away
Don't tell me I have lost when clearly I've won

I want to see you stretched out on the floor
The world's broken doll, the world's shattered whore
And you, you can't walk
But you, you can crawl
Come on, infect us all

Asphyxiate all your pain away
Don't try to win it will only end in disgrace

Translucetize the cold light of day
It's glorious
It's terrible
God, I need it
It's beautiful
It's ravenous
I'll just feed it
Coil down to your dark black decay

And I will dig my own grave, yeah
I'm misbegotten
I am the last one you save here
It's all gone rotten

Send "Nobody's Daughter" Ringtone to your Cell

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Hole Nobody's Daughter lyrics

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