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Street Life

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lyrics to Street Life / Tank

Street Life

It's amazing how your life can change
It's plan and simple as it can bring things
Take prespective before it comes your way
I'm am so thankful to God for this day
Cause for a long time the streets were my home
Slanging hard banging hard got me known
But the reason to live Ive been shown
I gotta be around to see my baby boy grow
Street life no more I'm throwing in the towel
Street life no more I gotta son now
Street life no more I gotta make it out
Street life no more (oh yeah yeah)
Street life no more I'm throwing in the towel
Street life no more I gotta show little man
What my life is really about
One more dealing and I'm outta this thing
need the paper so that I can maintain
I'ma fine a job hopefully something that pays
It's hard to walk away from this figure I made
Gab the money this don't look right no more
That nigga right there I think I seen him before
Good thing he didn't make a sell or buy
He gave me four years I'll be out by the he's five
Repeat chorus
Baby don't cry I'll be home soon
I let a gang of money in the safe for you
Come write I'll make it right through
I just got his picture of his first day in preschool
He's gonna be smart just like his mom
I commend you black queen for holding on
How many days I think I'ma cry
When I get out nomore street life Oh yeah
Repeat chorus
until fade

Send "Street Life" Ringtone to your Cell

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Tank Street Life lyrics

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