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Sri Lanka Sex Hotel

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lyrics to Sri Lanka Sex Hotel / The Dead Milkmen

The Dead Milkmen
Sri Lanka Sex Hotel

Let's have sex with strangers in the men's room
We could do it and not get caught
Burn down the house where the metal kids live
All the Hendrix posters going up in flames
Let's have sex without birth control
Sell our offspring to some dirty old men
Let's play Big Black at 3 AM
And tell the neighbors they can all get fucked
Commin' over the first hill
I felt my body jerk
The attendant did not strap me in
I'm sure that I am gonna die
This is my last roller coaster ride
This is my last roller coaster ride
This is my last ride
Down the street there's an accident
I hear that the bodies can still be seen
Let's call the sheriff a cock-sucker
See if he's read

Send "Sri Lanka Sex Hotel" Ringtone to your Cell

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The Dead Milkmen Sri Lanka Sex Hotel lyrics

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