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Fancy Claps

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lyrics to Fancy Claps / Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade
Fancy Claps

Oh, behold
The parapet's fallen out
Oh, behold!
When it reaches the ground
Oh, behold
Oh, behold
We can sing
To cracks in the crossbeams
We can sing
Very very quietly
We can sing
We can sing for each other

Until then don't tear your hair out
I won't tear it out if you don't

When I die
I'm leaving you my feet
When you die
You can stand up for me
Make a lie and all they can do is put me in your hair I'll be happy there
Oh oh
Oh oh
Oh oh

Oh, behold
When my parapet has fallen out
Oh, behold
Lift it up off the ground
Oh, behold then
Oh, behold then
We can sing then
Oh, behold then

Send "Fancy Claps" Ringtone to your Cell

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Wolf Parade Fancy Claps lyrics

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