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lyrics to Whirlwind / Roxy Music

Roxy Music

Mayday - cut down to size again
What then - when less is more my friend?
all change - and let me start again
Disguise - It's all too weird to explain
Why I - I'll always call your name
Perdu with you - I could be anything
That I want to be... or sting
Whirl wind - wild fire, driving rain
Wheelspin - bowl me over hurricane
Whirl wind - Crack your cheeks and blow
Me far, so far, how far is shangri-la from here
And is it this way?
There she blows - tear me down tornado
Whirlpool - drag me to the deeps below
Whirlwind - will a wild cat strike me tame
Earthquake - shake me to my feet again
as cross words go
You leave - a fatal clue I fear
This case
is closed -
Elementally, my dear....
Beware whirl wind
whirl whirl wind

Send "Whirlwind" Ringtone to your Cell

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Roxy Music Whirlwind lyrics

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