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lyrics to Nothing / Worthless United

Worthless United

Too old to die, too young to stay alive.
Nothing matters yet I've got my whole life to regret,
just give me time and I'll let life pass me by
and I can close my eyes to opportunity,
to responsibility, to what I don't want to see.
I'll burn my bridges if I want to.
You can't tell me what to do cause I won't listen to you,
to anyone, to anything because I know nothing.
Twenty-four thousand dollars and four years down the drain
and I'm still working for a slave wage.
Oh yes, I know that I'm a worthless piece of shit,
that I should get off my ass and start making it.
But I'm lazy.
I'm a spoiled little brat with a silver spoon that I keep spitting back in your face.
I'm your little disgrace that you can smack back in to place
and treat me wrong because I know nothing.
How many times will you tell me that I know nothing?
Nothing comforts me.
Nothing comes from me and nothing is what will become of me.
Now you see.
Now you don't and it's better that way.
I'd hate to disappoint you for nothing.

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Worthless United Nothing lyrics

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