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RX Queen

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lyrics to RX Queen / Deftones

I won't stop following you
now help me pray for
the death of everything new
then we'll fly farther
cause you're my girl
and that's alright
if you sting me
I won't mind
we'll stop to rest on the
moon and we'll make a fire
I'll steal a carcass for you
then feed off the virus
cause you're my girl
and that's alright
if you sting me
I won't mind
now look at em
look at em now
look at em sting
I see a red light in June
and I hear crying
you turn newborn baby blue
now we're all the virus

Send "RX Queen" Ringtone to your Cell

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Deftones RX Queen lyrics

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What does RX Queen mean?

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Provided courtesty of
-The girl in the song is his "Prescription Queen" because of all the drugs she has to take because of her illness. "Rx" stands for "prescription."
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