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Mr. Zebra

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lyrics to Mr. Zebra / Tori Amos

Hello Mr. Zebra
Can I have you sweater
Cause it's cold cold cold
In my hole hole hole
Ratatouille Strychnine
Sometimes she's a friend of mine
With a gigantic whirlpool
That will blow your mind

Hello Mr. Zebra
Ran into some confusion with a Mrs. Crocodile
Furry mussels marching on
She thinks she's Kaiser Wilhelm
Or a civiliaes syllabub
To blow your mind
Figure it out
She's a goodtime fella
She got a little fund to fight for Moneypenny's rights
Figure it out
She's a goodtime fella
Too bad the burial was premature she said
And smilied

Send "Mr. Zebra" Ringtone to your Cell

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Tori Amos Mr. Zebra lyrics

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-Tori Amos was obsessed as a pre teen. She recalled to <i>The Metro</i>: "I was crazy. I was writing long letters to basketball coaches. I had to take a step back."
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