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lyrics to Crucified / Agnostic Front

Agnostic Front

They ask why do we dress this way live for now--don't understand today see the kids--but don't hear what they say close your eyes and look the other way say the end justifies the means gonna loc
Up and throw away the keys crucified--crucified for your sins crucified--crucified for your sins they don't know our feelings--only desperate cries they see reflections through distorted eyes we
T care because it breaks their views got to learn to fight to live before they grind us under heel we're the targets so easy to find and we're the ones that won't stay in line i find myself nail
A cross for something that i didn't do it's your fault you've ruined our lives and we're the ones you crucify you're the ones who commit the crimes but it's always us who do the time

They ask why we dress this way.
Life for now, stand today.
See the kids, but don't hear what they say.
Close your eyes and look the other way.
They it's the end, justify the means.
They lock us up throw away the keys.

Crucified, skinhead army.
Crucified, for your sins.
Crucified, skinhead army.
Crucified, for your sins.

They don't know our feeling.
Our only desperate cries.
They seek along

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Agnostic Front Crucified lyrics

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