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Don't Push The River

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lyrics to Don't Push The River / Jennifer Love Hewitt

Let's restore you
A good thing rushing these emotions
Just a big comotion that could leave us both alone
And words meant to circle
We can stay in laughter love, is ever after
So all that we need is a peaceful meditation
For the perfect sistuation
It's so hard to take it slow


Dont push the river let it flow
Dont let the one who loves you go
Love will deliver let it go
Dont push the river let it flow

all this strongness
confersession,I just wanna runaway
I just wanna getaway for the every one we know
To a place out of the city
Where we could get a taste off
Where it might been a waste off
I know it could be so close to perfection
A different direction
Am weak at the point of letting go


You gotta remind yourself
To give it time
Even the sun cant make you blind
Why dont you close your eyes
And ease your mind
Let it all go....

[Chorus x2]

Send "Don't Push The River" Ringtone to your Cell

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Don't Push The River lyrics

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