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Pigeon Heart

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lyrics to Pigeon Heart / Marah

Pigeon Heart

Life is scary, shadows scare me
Noises everywhere but I'm still young
Balance steady with sky's are ready for
I must need to jet and leave these crumbs

Up is soft and down is hard
Trees are scarce and so are yards
So much to tear me all apart
And steal the beat of my pigeon heart

From the eggshell to the bandshell
To the Shell station where rocks are thrown
Nervous twitching always wishing for
Soothing meadows I can call my own

Seasons pass with disregard
Friends they vanish like morning stars
It's much to tear me all apart
And steal the beat of my pigeon heart


Dive bomb at the shit stone wars (hey hey hey)
Making love in the trees (hey hey hey)
Turn my back on my ailing brothers (hey hey hey)
Save myself on the breeze, boy

Rest my wings on your monuments (hey hey hey)
Smile as the day departs (hey hey hey)
Take a breath that shoots rushing promise (hey hey hey)
into the beat of my pigeon heart
Pigeon heart

I'd like to choke as morning smoke
Drifts down from riverside factories
Shake off the dust and see who's left of us
Tucked up in the bridge concrete

As we prepare to travel far
Baker's alleys and distant parks
You build your world so it don't fall apart
Dance to the beat of my pigeon heart

Repeat Chorus

Into the beat of my pigeon heart

Send "Pigeon Heart" Ringtone to your Cell

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Marah Pigeon Heart lyrics

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