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I Ain't Goin' Down

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lyrics to I Ain't Goin' Down / Shania Twain

I'm gonna hold on--
'cause what I believe in is so strong
No matter how long, no one
Can tell me I'm wrong--I ain't goin' down

I had a baby at fifteen--
daddy never did forgive me
I never heard from the guy again
I had to drop outta high school--
everybody treated me so cruel
But I didn't give in and giver her away

[Repeat Chorus]

Her smile got me through the day--
and every night I'd pray
I could give her enough
At night I'd lie awake and cry--
hopin' we'd get by
'Cause you can't live on love

I worked night and day to keep us goin'
Through the sweat and tears
without her knowin'
It was worth it just to watch her grow
Oh, oh, at least I was able to hold her
Whenever she needed my shoulder
I'm so glad I never let her go

[Repeat Chorus]

Her smile got me through the years--
dried away the tears
And filled me with hope
At night I'd lie awake and cry--
prayed we would get by
And for the courage to cope
Oh, oh, oh

[Instrumental solo]

Her smile got me through the day--
and every night I'd pray
I could give her enough

[Repeat Chorus (2x)]

No on can tell me I'm wrong
I ain't goin' down

Send "I Ain't Goin' Down" Ringtone to your Cell

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Shania Twain I Ain't Goin' Down lyrics

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