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Fight Apartheid

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lyrics to Fight Apartheid / Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh
Fight Apartheid
Equal Rights (1977)
You in a me land
Quite illegal
You're in a me land
Dig out me gold
In a me land
Digging out me pearls
In a me land
Dig out me diamonds

We a go fight (3x) against apartheid
We got to fight (3x) against apartheid

You're in a me land
And you build up your 'partment
You're in a me land
You build up you're regimes
You're in a me land
Only talk 'bout justice
You're in a me land
Handing down injustice


You're in a me land (Precedes each line below)
You no build no school for black children
No hospital for black people
You build your prison
You build their camp


Africa's for black man
There certain place in Africa
Black man get no recognition


You cross the border
You shoot off the children
Cross the border
Shoot down women
Cross the border
You take your might
Cross the border
To beat for right


As for majority
Majority rule, yea
Who need minority
But that couldn't rule, yea


You break off
Break off from Britain
You're quite illegal
Right where you are
You get your forces
From colonial powers
Taking my diamonds
Filling ballistic missiles


Send "Fight Apartheid" Ringtone to your Cell

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Peter Tosh Fight Apartheid lyrics

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